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How to Ping a Minecraft Server

How to ping a Minecraft server to check the latency between you and the server.

1. Open up your Minecraft client and navigate to the server list (Multiplayer)
2. Add a server to the list using the "Add Server" button.
3. When the server is added click "Refresh".
4. Wait a couple of seconds for your server list to refresh. 
5a. Hover your mouse over the icon in the top right of the server entry.
5b. The icon will be grey bars or grey bars with an "X" over it prior to the refresh. 
5c. If the bars are scrolling blue, wait a few more seconds or click "Refresh" again.
5d. Once the bars are green the refresh has completed and you can see your ping to the server. 
6. Hover your mouse over the icon and you should see a number e.g. "173ms" this is your ping.

If no number appears then ensure that you are using the right IP address for the server, the server is online and that you and the server are using the same version of Minecraft.

At 190ms+ you may experience latency lag. To get this resolved, we can move your server to a node in a location that is closer to you. Please submit a ticket to our General Support department to get this process started.

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