How to Add a Second Client Account

How to add another user to your billing area login so they can pay invoices, have access to WHMCS tickets, and other billing area features.

MCProHosting LLC is not responsible for any damage, alterations or actions taken by an additional user account.

Just log into your billing area and follow these steps:

1. In the top right where it says "Hello, (First Name)!" click the small arrow to the right of it.


3. Check that "Add New Contact" is selected on the Choose Contact field.


5. Next you can fill out the required information for your sub-account.
6. Check the "Activate Sub-Account" check box as shown below. 

Enter a password for your new sub-account.

8. Select the access permissions for your new sub-account:

Modify Master Account Profile
This option will give the sub-account full access. This is NOT RECOMMENDED.
MCProHosting LLC is not responsible for any damage, alterations, or actions taken by an additional user account.

View & Modify Product Passwords
Giving this to the user will allow them to change the pass of your OneControlCenter account. This is NOT RECOMMENDED.

View & Pay Invoices
This option should be ticked if you have another person who will be paying for the server.

View & Open Support Tickets
If you have other admins and you would like them to have access to the technical support tickets for your server.

Place New Orders/Upgrades/Cancellations
This will allow the user to request upgrades, cancel the service, and order addons. This is NOT RECOMMENDED unless the user is the main bill payer.

View Products & Services
Check this box if you have a second bill payer so they will be able to see details about your servers price and due dates etc.

View & Manage Affiliate Account
This option is rarely needed, if you are using the affiliate program and want to manage this via the sub account check this option.

View Emails
This option will allow the sub-account access to a log of emails sent to the account holder. This is NOT RECOMMENDED.

View & Manage Contacts - This box should remain unchecked.
View Domains - This box should remain unchecked.
Manage Domain Settings - This box should remain unchecked.

9. Select the
 that correspond to the sub-account.
10. Click  and give your second user their login details (The email and password you filled in for them).

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