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How to Reset Your Server

Resetting your server to factory settings is very easy. There are two ways to go about it. You can reset your server using FTP File Access or using our Server Type changer.

To reset your server using the server type tool please log into your Multicraft control panel and select your server.

1. On the left side choose 
2. Next choose .
3. In first box choose what you would like to run on your server. In the second box choose the version you would like to run. The image below will show you which box is which.

**Note that choosing a modpack will require the Mod Support addon. This addon costs an additioanl $2.00 per month. Please visit our Live Chat to have a representative add this to your account.**

4. Next you need to choose which files to delete from your server. To delete all files from your server simply choose  If you have chosen to have a Modpack installed on your server and you have the Mod Support addon, it is highligh advised that you click the "Start Fresh" button. This will delete everything on your server. Please note, that if you delete any files, they will be unrecoverable without a backup.
5. Click on 
7. The server jar will load and you can click  on the lefthand menu. 
8. Start your server!

Alternatively, you can reset your server using the FTP File Access area of your control panel. Here's how to do that.

Start by logging into Multicraft selecting and stopping your server then following these steps:

1. On the left hand side click
2. Next click
3. Click on the the very top checkbox at the top of your server directory as the image below shows. This will select ALL files on your server.

4. Click on 
5. You will be taken to a delete files confirmation dialogue shown below. 

6. Once you are absolutely sure that you want to delete ALL the files on your server, click  Once you click this button, this all files will be deleted. Once the files are deleted, they are not recoverable. Please be absolutely sure that you want to delete ALL files on your server and completely reset it.
The files will delete and you will see a green "deletion successful" dialogue at the top.

8. You must now go through the server type selection tool on your control panel to set a server type and start your server. For more information on this, please see this knowledgebase article.

You can also use FileZilla to delete files by selecting them and hitting the delete key. A tutorial on FileZilla can be found here.

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