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About Minecraft Server View Distances and How to Change Them

The view distance setting on your Minecraft server will determine distance in which the world will load when the player is in a spot. The higher the number the view distance is set to, the further they can see.  However, seeing further uses up RAM so the lower view distance, the better your Minecraft server will perform.

Here's how to change your view distance:

Log into Multicraft, select and stop your server and follow these steps:
1. On the left hand side of your control panel click .
2. Click
3. Click on 
4. Scroll down to the View Distance field. It'll be a dropdown menu.

5. Choose enter a number between 3-10. Values 6-8 are recommended. Use the images below this article to decide the best view distance for your server, while still keeping the RAM as low as possible.

6. Click
7. Start your server.

Here are some examples of what the view distance settings look like after they've been selected:

View distance set to 3:
View Distance Set to 3

View distance set to 6:
View Distance Set to 6

View distance set to 10:

View Distance Set to 10

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