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How to Restore a Backup

Note this guide assumes you have already made a backup with this guide. To skip straight to uploading your own backup click here.

To restore a backup using your control panel simply follow the steps below. Remember, restoring a backup using this method will completely overwrite everything that is currently on your server. This includes plugins and mods, not just the world. 

1. Login to your Multicraft panel and stop your server.

2. Then click .
3. On your Backup area, you will find your backups listed below if you have taken any. They will be listed according to date and time like mm.dd.yyyy hh:mm. It should look similar to the following screenshot. 

4. Click  next to the backup you want to restore.
5. The following dialogue will come up. Click "Okay".

6. Go to your console and check on the backup status. When the backup is complete, you will see the following in your console:
7. Start your server. 

Congratulations! You've restored a backup of your server using your control panel!

Manually Uploading a Backup via webFTP

Alternatively, you can upload a backup using our webFTP or Filezilla. Below will show you how to upload a backup and restore that backup using webFTP.

1. Login to your Multicraft panel and  your server. 
2. Go to the  and click on .
3. Click on the very first tickbox that you see on your FTP file list as the screenshot below shows. This will select all files. However, you can only select the files that you want to backup, such as your world. 

4. Click  at the top of your FTP screen.
5. On the delete confirmation screen, be sure that you have selected the files you want to delete. You should delete only the files that you are restoring. For example, if you only took a backup of your world, then you only need to upload your world. If you have a backup of ALL the files on your server, delete them all. Then click on 
6. Click on 
7. On the upload dialogue you can choose "Upload" to browse your computer for a file to upload or you can drag and drop your zip file to upload. In the screenshot below, we used the drag and drop method. Uploading your files can take time to upload. This is solely dependent on your internet upload speed. 

8. Once the file upload has completed you should see it in your FTP file access, just click the checkbox next to it like so:

9. Click the  button. Your backup will unzip wherever it is and the files will appear. 
10. Delete the backup.zip that you uploaded. You no longer need it. 
11. Start your server. 

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