How to Add a User to Your Control Panel on OneControlCenter

Adding a user to your control panel allows you to add others that can help to manage your server. 

To add a user to your control panel:

1. Have the new user register a control panel account here

2. Log into your control panel.

3. Click Advanced and in the dropdown menu on the left-hand side, click the Sub-Users button.

4. Search for the user's email address that you wish to add to your server and then set their role on the server. Roles and permissions can be found below.

5. Once set, those users will then have access to your control panel and the specific role assigned!

Control Panel User Roles:

View the server console.

Start, stop, and restart the server.
View and use the server console.

All main permissions including access to console, subdomain, configuration files, server type, importer, FTP File Access, firewall and port mapping, databases, automations, backups and more.

Experiencing issues adding a user to your control panel? Submit a ticket to our Password & Logins team and we can assist you!

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