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How to Enable and Use Custom Jars on Multicraft

This guide explains the steps of using custom jars on your Minecraft server, so you can install a FTB, Technic, or other types of modpacks.

This option is not available on Air servers. If you would like to use this option consider upgrading.

To use custom jars on your Minecraft server. Simply login to Multicraft, select and stop your Minecraft server, then follow these steps:

Login to your Multicraft control panel.
2. Stop your server.
3. Upload the jar you wish to use to your server's base directory via FTP. If you're unsure on how to use FTP, please refer to this guide.
4. Rename that jar to "custom.jar".
5. Click "Back to Control Panel" in the upper right of your FTP.
6. Click
7. Click
8. Enter "custom.jar" in the box.

9. Click the  button. 
10. Start your server!

Permgen on custom.jar is set to 256MB
If you don't see the "Custom JAR" option, and your server is our Dirt plan or above, please submit a support ticket at http://mcph.info/sendticket we will enable it for you. 
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