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How to Cancel Your Server

Cancelling your Minecraft server is not difficult, and this guide will show you how that is done. We will be sorry to see you go! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help by either, submitting a ticket with our support team from your billing area or sending us an email at support@mcprohosting.com.

If you are sure there is nothing we can do to keep your business, simply follow these steps to cancel your server:

1. Login to your client account.
2. On the top, click "Services".
3. Find the service you want to cancel and simply click on it to continue.
4. Under the plan name, click on the red "Cancel" button. 
5. In the Cancellation Type dropdown, choose the type of cancellation you wish to place. Below is an explanation of the two types of cancellations.

Immediate cancellations will terminate the server immediately. This means that all of the files will be deleted, and the server will no longer be accessible.

End of Billing Period cancellations will cancel your server, but keep it active until your next invoice is due. Once your server reaches the next billing period, it will be termnated. Once the server is terminated, the files will be deleted, and the server will no longer be accessible.

Once you have selected the cancellation type, you can fill out the optional text box to leave feedback and reasoning which lead to your cancellation. Once you're ready to cancel, click the "Request Cancellation" button. 

If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact us.
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