How to Use FTP on Multicraft

Using FTP is required for many things such as uploading Minecraft worlds, installing Bukkit plugins and many other tasks that require access to your Minecraft server files.
MCProHosting has two FTP options available for you to use. The first is our WebFTP available in the control panel, and secondly, you can use your server's FTP credentials to use your favorite FTP client such as FileZilla. It is strongly recommended that you use FileZilla for larger transfers, such as worlds. 

To access the files on your Minecraft server with WebFTP, you will need to log into your Multicraft control panel, select your Minecraft server and follow these steps:

1. Click Files then click FTP File Access

You are now able to browse and edit your server's files inside your browser. By default, you will be brought to your server's base directory, which is the lowest level of your server (where everything's contained). 

Editing Files
To edit a file, such as your file, simply click the file's name, and a text editor will be opened. You can now make the needed changes, and click "Save File" once you're done. 

Uploading Files
To upload a file to your server, start by browsing the directory you would like to upload the files to, and then click the  button at the top of the WebFTP page, and the upload prompt will open. You can either drag your files on to the dotted box, or manually browse for the file you would like to upload by clicking the  button. In our example, we are going to upload the GroupManager plugin jar. 

Renaming/Moving/Zipping/Downloading/Deleting Files
There are several other operations you can use to manage your files on our WebFTP. You can do these by simply checking the box next to the file(s)/folder(s) you want to manage, and then a toolbar will appear at the top of the page with the available options.

FTP Client/FileZilla
Our WebFTP is very useful in many scenarios, but it's sometimes a better idea to use a dedicated FTP client to make changes. FTP clients such as FileZilla are often times better suited for larger transfers, like world uploads. You may also have a preferred file editor such as NotePad++ or Sublime Text to make changes to the files on your server, in which case, an FTP client would be optimal. Experienced administrators may also often times opt for client FTP access. No worries though, we have you covered! You can still use an FTP client of your choice with just a few steps!

To access the files on your Minecraft server with an FTP Client such as FileZIlla, you will need to log into your Multicraft control panel, select your Minecraft server and follow these steps:

1. Click Files then click FTP File Access

2. Next, click the   button at the top right side of the WebFTP page. 
3. The page will then drop down, and display your FTP Credentials to be used in your preferred FTP client. There are 4 bits of information we'll need to connect. These are the IP, Port, Username, and Password displayed on this page. The password field will be blank, but you will need to use the password you use to log in to your control panel to access your server via FTP client. In our example, our credentials are as follows: 

4. Now, we will populate our settings on our FTP Client. In our example, we're using FileZilla. 

Once your settings are filled out, hit "Quickconnect", and you'll be connected to your server!
FileZilla works in a similar way that our WebFTP does. However, instead of having checkboxes to alter files, you right click them. That's it!

Here's a video that details this process:

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