How to Upload a Save to a Factorio Server

Factorio allows you to upload saved files to your server. This allows you to play on previous Factorio saves, or single player Factorio saves, that you may have! You can then continue your Factorio adventure without having to start over!

To upload a Factorio save to your server, begin by grabbing the save you wish to upload.

If you wish to upload your single player Factorio save, you can grab that save by doing the following:

  1. Go on your computer and then go to this location in your files:

  2. In the “saves” folder, you’ll see a .zip file. This is your Factorio save.

  3. Copy this .zip file and paste that in an area you’ll easily be able to locate. You now have your single player Factorio save!

You can now proceed with uploading that Factorio save file on your server:

  1. On your server’s control panel, click “FTP File Access”.

  2. In your server’s webFTP, click to enter the “saves” folder.

  3. In your saves folder, proceed to upload the Factorio .zip save.

  4. Once fully uploaded, go back to your main FTP directory.

  5. Click to edit the “” or “” file on your server.

  6. In that file, locate the setting “world_name=”. Set this to the name of the .zip file you uploaded(Do not include .zip).

If the .zip file were named “”, you would set the “world_name=” setting to:


  1. After changing that setting, save and then start your server. Your Factorio server will now proceed to load that save you uploaded!

You have now successfully uploaded a Factorio save on your server!

If you experience issues uploading a save to a Factorio server, submit a ticket to our General Support department for further assistance!

Here's a video that details this process:

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