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Plugin Setup Form

If you have already purchased our Plugin Setup service, please use the Plugin Setup form and submit it to the Plugin Setup team here. You can find a blank form in your email titled "Plugin Setup Form" after purchasing the addon. 

If you would like to purchase the addon after your initial checkout, you can purchase it here.

Please note, that there are certain things that are not able to be setup with our Plugin Setup service. Those are: 
- Kits
- Buycraft/Enjin
- Bungeecord

To ensure your server is setup the way you want it, we have a special form to fill out. You can find a blank template in your email, and a filled example here:

1.      List of Plugins you want: i.e. Essentials. WorldGuard, WorldEdit, GroupManager, WorldBorder, Vault, etc. You can find our recommended list here
2.      Additional details if any: i.e. Disable creeper block damage.
3.      Permission Groups (Maximum 5)
Group Name: Default
Is this group the default group: Yes
Is this group allowed to build?: Yes
Group Prefix (the title you want the rank to have):Guest
Group Color:White (&f)
Group Permissions. One permission per line please:
- essentials.spawn
- essentials.home
- essentials.sethome
Group inherits From Group (gets the abilities of what group?):None
Group Name: Donor
Is this group the default group: No
Is this group allowed to build?: Yes
Group Prefix (the title you want the rank to have):&2[VIP]
Group Color:Green (&2)
Group Permissions. One permission per line please:
- essentials.tpa
- essentials.tpaccept
- essentials.hat
- essentials.heal
- echopet.pet.type.creeper
Group inherits From Group (gets the abilities of what group?):Default
Group Name: Moderator
Is this group the default group: No
Is this group allowed to build?: Yes
Group Prefix (the title you want the rank to have):&9[Mod]
Group Color:Green (&2)
Group Permissions. One permission per line please:
- essentials.kick
- essentials.ban
Group inherits From Group (gets the abilities of what group?):Donor
Group Name: Administrator
Is this group the default group: No
Is this group allowed to build?: Yes
Group Prefix (the title you want the rank to have):&4[Admin]
Group Color:Red (&4)
Group Permissions. One permission per line please:
All permissions (*)
Group inherits From Group (gets the abilities of what group?):Moderator

If you're new to plugins, some of these concepts may not make sense to you yet. 

Lets start with permissions groups. 

Premissions Groups are often times known as "Ranks" or "Titles". Permissions groups are needed to allow specific groups of players to do specific things. As an example, you probably don't want regular players restarting your server, or giving themselves diamond tools. You would give their group permissions to use only the commands you want.

There are several things that makes a permissions group unique. These are:
• Group Name
• Group Prefix
• Group Permissions
• Group Inheritance

If you've joined a server in the past, it is very likely that the server had groups like "Admin", "Moderator", and "VIP". You would usually see their group's name in the player's chat prefix, which is a string of characters that precedes their name when they chat. It looks something like what you'll see in the two pictures below:

Here, I've made a group called Administrator. I've also given it the prefix of "&4[Admin] ". You'll see where that number 4 comes in shortly. 

Here, I've made a group called Donor. I've given this group the prefix of "&2[VIP] ". 

So, you've now seen what groups usually look like in-game. Let's go under the hood. 

Group Name
You can name a group whatever you would like, as long as it has only letters. Group names cannot have spaces in most cases. If you need a group with a space, you can always use spaces in prefixes. In the second picture example, I named the group "Donor". You can see, that it says "[VIP]" in-game though. That's because it is the prefix you're seeing in-game, and not the group's name. Remember, the group's name is only for the you (the administrator) to reference. 

After you pick a group name, you're likely going to want to give the group a prefix. This is part of what makes groups special. You can make prefixes colorful, and to say whatever you would like. In the second example, the prefix is "&2[VIP] ". The "&2" is a color code available on Minecraft which represents a dark green. You can find a full list of the available colors here. Color codes effect all text after them. So, if you have a color code that makes the prefix red, it will make the name red too. The text color is not editable within groups however. It will stay white. 

Group Permissions
Arguably the most important thing about permissions groups, are the actual permissions themselves. This is where you allow people to do whatever you'd like them to. Plugin permissions are most often referred to as by the name of "Permission Nodes". Permission nodes are small bits of information which your permissions plugin uses to control a user's access to that plugin. In this example, we'll use one of the most popular plugins, Essentials. There are hundreds of commands available on Essentials, and you probably don't want ALL of your users using ALL of the commands. You can find a complete list of Essentials commands here

So, let's say we want our VIP group to be able to use the /hat command. This gives the players the ability to use a block as their character's head. The permission node for this command, is "essentials.hat". On the Essentials Command Reference, you can find the command's permission by clicking the  button. So, we'll find the heal command, click the  button, and we'll see all the permissions for the command. We can see that there are a few. We'll just take the main permission, which is "essentials.heal"

Plugins other than Essentials often times have a list of permissions available on their plugin's Bukkit page. Plugins commonly have their own wiki, which will most likely feature a list of permissions as well. For example, you can find WorldGuard's wiki here

Group Inheritance
Usually, servers will have more than one group. In our example, we're going to have 4 groups. Administrator, Moderator, Donor, and Default.

Our "Default" group will be the group every player is automatically put in when they visit the server. We would give this group only the commands we want typical players to use. These would be things like the ability to set their home, go to their home, go to the spawn, etc. 

Next, we would have our Donor group. You would probably give this group something special. A common donor gift would be to allow the user to have a pet of their choice. So, to start, we would need to give them the permission node to use the pet command. I want my donors to have creeper pets, so I'll use the node "echopet.pet.type.creeper". We have a problem though. We probably also want our Donors to be able to set their homes, go to their homes, and go to the spawn just like our Default group can. So, we will set up an inheritance line.

This is simple. Just have your Donor group inherit your Default group. With this, your Donor group will be able to do everything the Default group can. Usually, you'll just want to inherit the group "lower" than the group you're creating. IE, Donor inherits Default, Moderator inherits Donor, and Administrator inherits Moderator. Our Default group doesn't inherit any groups, since it's the lowest group. 

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how permission groups work, and you should be all set to fill out your Plugin Setup form! The example we filled out at the beginning of the article features everything we've talked about so far, so if you reference that, you should be golden! If you need any help still, please don't hesitate to ask us via support ticket
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