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Extended Modpack Support - Information

Extended Modpack Support Addon

MCProHosting now offers the Extended Modpack Support addon for a one time fee of $6.99! Modpacks used on servers require two different versions - a client and server side version of the entire pack. Some modpacks are intended for single player only, however, with this addon.. That all changes!

This addon is useful for those who need assistance setting up a modpack that was not intended to be used on servers. In some cases, a modpack’s server version may not start properly. We can fix that as well!

Extended Modpack Support allows us to:

  • Create, install, and setup a modpack that does not currently have an available server version from the developer.

  • Install and support 3rd party modpacks that do not have a supplied server version.

Extended Modpack Support can only apply to one particular version of a modpack. If the modpack updates in the future and you would like to update to the latest version, you MUST purchase the Extended Modpack Support addon again.

This addon is not available from the client area. If you are interested in purchasing this addon, please submit a ticket to our Custom Modpack Setup department and provide a link to the modpack you would like installed. We will evaluate the pack and let you know if it is eligible for installation.

Please note that turnaround times for Extended Modpack Support ranges from 12 - 24 hours.

Extended Modpack Support can be added to any server plan Stone and above. However depending on the amount of mods in the pack, you may require more RAM (Higher tier plan above Stone) to ensure an optimal playing experience.

MCProHosting is not responsible for any public releases of any modpacks it creates. If a client wishes to make a modpack that they have paid for public, then it is up to the client to get permission to distribute the mods from each of the mod authors. After installation the client is given a list of the mods that have been installed.

Warranty Information:

Any modpacks installed by the use of the Extended Modpack Support addon will continue to be supported by MCProHosting as long as the pack remains on the server in an unmodified state.

If the modpack installation is removed from the server, the setup cannot be performed again without purchasing the addon once more.

Any and all warranties on the pack are void if the pack is modified or removed from the server.

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