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MCProHosting Plugin Pack - Towny

About the MCProHosting Plugin Pack: Towny

The "Towny" plugin pack comes preconfigured with our edited “Core” plugin pack to include all of the necessary Towny permissions for each rank. If you are looking for player controlled land, pvp, economies, custom chat formatting and much more.. the Towny pack is for you! We have removed the hassle of having to configure each permission node, setup ranks, and finding proper versions so you can get directly into the game. With the “Towny” plugin pack you can take advantage of all these awesome features with just the click of a button!

The MCProHosting Plugin Pack: Towny contains the following plugins

  1. EssentialsX

  2. PermissionsEX

  3. Worldedit

  4. WorldGuard

  5. Clearlagg

  6. Vault

  7. ProtocolSupport

  8. Questioner

  9. Towny

  10. TownyChat

  11. TownyNameUpdater

  12. Spigot


Included with the “Towny” pack is the ProtocolSupport plugin which will allow earlier versions of minecraft to join your 1.11.2 server. Here is a list of the support versions:

1.10.x, 1.9.x, 1.8.x, 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x, 1.4.7

A few settings have been left default but can be changed at any time through the config.yml inside the “Towny” folder found in your FTP File Access. Here are a few settings to keep in mind:

  • Player vs Player combat is enabled.

  • In order to start a town the player must acquire 250 in game currency.

For any assistance with the “Towny” plugin pack, please submit a ticket to our Plugins department
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