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MCProHosting Plugin Pack - Creative

About the MCProHosting Plugin Pack: Creative

The "Creative" plugin pack was designed with the intentions of removing the hassle to create, generate, edit, configure, and assign tasks just to get everything running by default for a creative server. We have simplified the process by completing all of that for you. Along with the "Core" plugin pack you will receive a full set of configured permissions for each plugin along with the ability to utilize multiple worlds. With that being said we have given you the option to keep your existing world by providing a generated plot world by the name of "creative" for you to use as a secondary or primary world on your server. Information on how to set this world as your primary world is provided in the notes section below.

The MCProHosting Plugin Pack: Creative contains the following plugins:

  1. EssentialsX

  2. PermissionsEX

  3. Worldedit

  4. WorldGuard

  5. Clearlagg

  6. Vault

  7. PlotSquared

  8. Super Trails

  9. Multiverse-Core

  10. Multiverse-Portals

  11. Creative - Plots world

  12. Spigot


For convenience a "Trail" item was included for each member to access the “trails” menu straight from their inventory. You may also access the menu with /trails. For further assistance check out the development page.

All of your existing worlds will remain intact but you will need to move to the world named "creative" to utilize the plots within the pack. To complete this you will need to be OP on your server of which is shown in the following guide. Once you are OP you may use /mv tp creative to navigate to the plot world. This command is not available to all users; however, you can create portals for you player base to enter the plot world or you may set the plot world as your default world.

To set your plot world as the default world please follow step 7-11 in our knowledgebase article here.

If you’d like to create portals for your player base to enter to keep your existing worlds, you will need to head over to the Multiverse-Portals wiki for a detailed walk through on portal creation. Once the portals are created and named you will need to include a permission for the desired group. To add a permission node please enter the following command as OP: 
/Pex group <group> add <permission>

The <permission> you will require is dependent on the name of your portal. After the portal is created you will need to add the following as a permission node replacing (portal_name) with the name of your recently created portal.


For example: You named your portal HomeB. Your permission would be multiverse.portal.access.HomeB.

If you are experiencing issues or are unable to locate the problem feel free to contact our 24/7 support team here.

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