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How to Import a Create-A-Modpack Using the Twitch Desktop App

This guide will explain how to import your Create-A-Modpack using the Twitch Desktop App (formerly the Curse launcher). Per your request, we can package your modpack for use with this launcher. Otherwise, modpacks are created for MultiMC.

You will need the following:

Run the Twitch Desktop App, which will install it to your PC. At the end of the installation, you'll be able to click "Launch".

1. When the Twitch app first opens, you will be prompted to login to your Twitch account. This is not the same as your Minecraft account. This is the account that you would use on Twitch's website. If you have an account, enter your email and password and login. If not, you can create an account from the launcher itself.

twitch app login

2. Once you've logged in, click "Mods" at the top, then choose "Minecraft".


3. Click "Create Custom Profile".


4. In the Create Custom Profile window, click "Import" and navigate to where you have downloaded your custom modpack, select it, and hit "Open". The mods in your pack will automatically be downloaded from the Curse database and installed.

5. Once your pack is finished installing, it will appear in the list of your installed modpacks. Hover over it and click "Play". The Minecraft launcher will be opened up with your modpack installed. If you are asked to login at this point, you will do so with your Minecraft credentials.

If you have any issues getting the pack installed, make sure to let us know via the ticket you originally sent in. We will be happy to help!

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