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Control Panel User Roles

With the use of adding a user to your Multicraft control panel, you can allow a friend to help administrate your server from the control panel end. There are a few ranks you can assign to control panel users which control their level of access to your control panel. Remember, these ranks are for the control panel only. They do not affect in-game permissions!

To modify someone's control panel permissions:

1. Have the new user register a Multicraft account here.
2. Log into your Multicraft account, select your Minecraft server and click the "Advanced" dropdown menu on the left hand side.
3. Click the "User Accounts" button.
4. Search for the user you want to add, and select a rank that suits your requirements. 

It's important to select a rank that best suits the needs for the person you're giving access to. Each rank inherits the abilities of the predeceding rank. Only give a control panel user to someone you trust! 

• Has full permissions to the server's control panel. There can only be one server owner. 

• Stop (console)
• Restart (console)
• Manage Players
• Edit Configs via config editor
• Manage Commands
• Start Backup
• Clear Chat
• Clear Log

• Start (console)
• Admin Say (console)
• Summon (console)
• Give (console)
• TP (console)
• Give (console)
• Kick (console)
• View Backup

• Self Give (console)
• Self TP (console)
• View Chat
• View Players
• View Commands

• Get Server Status
• Get Player Count
• View Panel
• View Self Player

Unassigned and No Access
• Default role in control panel - no access. 

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