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Recommended BungeeCord Plugins

Plugins on a BungeeCord server are not the same as Bukkit/Spigot plugins. They are coded a little bit differently. So by that logic, Bukkit/Spigot plugins cannot be installed on a BungeeCord server. Below you will find a list of some of our recommended plugins for BungeeCord:

PermissionsEx - NetworkPermissions Manager - This plugin can be installed onto each of your playable servers. Once installed, you can setup PermissionsEx with MySQL using this wiki page. If you have issues, please contact our Plugins department here! *Requires MySQL for global groups. Availability: 1.7 - 1.12.

BungeePerms - BungeeCord Permissions Manager - This plugin should be installed to your BungeeCord server. This plugin can be used to manage BungeeCord specific permissions used within BungeeCord plugins such as the ones listed below. Availability: 1.7 - 1.12.

BungeeChat - Chat Management - This plugin allows you to completely customize your chat and adds many features to your servers on your network. You’ll be able to setup global chat across your servers, have access to a staff chat, chat protection and more! Availability: 1.7 - 1.12.

ServerListPlus- Server Status - A very customizable server status ping plugin for servers and networks. This plugin will allow you to completely customize the MOTDs that appear on your network including being able to change the appearance of the player slots! Availability: 1.7 - 1.12.

LiteAnnouncer - Announcer - A lite, simple to use auto-message plugin for a BungeeCord network. Availability: 1.7 - 1.12.

BungeeTabListPlus - Global Tablist - A very customizable tab list plugin for BungeeCord servers that allows you to fully customize your tablist to include all of your servers! Availability: 1.7 - 1.12.

ProxySuite - Miscellaneous Network Functionality - This plugin will add many essential commands to your server such as teleportation, homes, spawn, portals, gamemode, fly and more! Availability: 1.9 - 1.12.

Bungee Admin Tools - Player Management - This is a MySQL based plugin which allows you to mute and ban players globally on your network or just on single servers! This plugin also includes support for a web interface for website owners and a player lookup command. *Requires MySQL and Yamler Plugin. Availability: 1.7 - 1.12.

Party and Friends - Party/Friend System - This plugin will allow you to add a party and friend system onto your network! *Requires MySQL. Availability: 1.7 - 1.12.

BVotifier - Network Voting - a simple votifier listener for BungeeCord that allows you to receive a vote and send it across your entire network to reward a player on specific servers or on all servers! *Requires installation on all servers and a vote listener. Availability: 1.7 - 1.12.

BungeePortals - Portals - This plugin allows you to setup portals on your playable servers which can then send players to other servers! This plugin should be installed to the Spigot/playable servers in your network! *Requires WorldEdit. Availability: 1.7 - 1.12.

AlwaysOnline - Miscellaneous - Allows players to continue to connect to your BungeeCord network even if Mojang’s authentication servers are down. This plugin must be installed while the Mojang authentication servers are online. Availability: 1.7 - 1.12.


You can find many other BungeeCord plugins by going to this link:
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