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Recommended BungeeCord Plugins

Plugins on a BungeeCord server are not the same as Bukkit/Spigot plugins. They are coded a little bit differently. So by that logic, Bukkit/Spigot plugins cannot be installed on a BungeeCord server. Below you will find a list of some of our recommended plugins for BungeeCord:

BungeeStaffChat - The BungeeStaffChat plugin allows your staff members to send messages to other online staff members in the BungeeCord network.

ServerListPlus - A very customizable server status ping plugin for Minecraft.

NovaBungeeAnnouncer - an announcement system for BungeeCord servers that features more customization.

BungeeTabListPlus - A very customizable tab list plugin for BungeeCord servers

geSuit - An update of the BungeeSuite plugin, which includes things like Teleprots, Warps, Portals, Bans, and Homes for BungeeCord specifically.

Bungee Admin Tools - A UUID compatible plugini for more efficient server administration.

Freeze’s Parties | Party Plugin - a simple party plugin for BungeeCord.

BungeePrivateMessage - allows players to use /msg, /tell, /w and /r on any Bungee server for any other player online.

BVotifier - a simple votifier listener for Bungeecord.

AlwaysOnline - allows players to continue to connect to your BungeeCord network even if Mojang’s authentication servers are down. **This plugin must be installed while the Mojang authentication servers are online.**

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