BungeeCord - Setup Form Example

Here is an example of a completed BungeeCord Setup form:

Which Minecraft version would you like to use?

Which server would you like to have the main IP for your network? (BungeeCord Server) Please include the server's numeric IP address below.

What is the name, numeric IP, and port of each server on your network?

BungeeCord server -

Hub server-

Factions server -

What is your IGN (Minecraft username)?


What are the IGN (Minecraft username(s))  for any admin(s) on your Bungee network?



Would you like players forced to the default server every time they log in? (Ex: You log off, you automatically log back in at the hub, or your log back in where you last logged off.)


What would you like the MOTD for your network to be?

&1This is a &6MOTD.

Would you like the tab list to show per server, globally, or globally with updating ping? (Note: per server will show the local players on the server you are connected to. Global ping will show all players connected to the proxy with constantly updating ping. Global will be showing all users on the network but with their ping when they joined the server)

Globally with ping

What would you like your max player limit to be? (Note that this limit is fake, you can set it to 0, players will still be able to join. It is just what is shown on the Minecraft Multiplayer menu)


What is your default server? (This would NOT be your BungeeCord server. This is the default Hub or Lobby server that you first connect to.)

Which server is your fallback server? (This is the emergency server, in case your default server is offline. This can be the same as your default server.)


Do you want the Bungee server in offline mode? (This is so non-premium players can join your network.)


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