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Create-A-Modpack Addon

MCProHosting is proud to offer a Create-A-Modpack addon to its clients. The pack can include up to 150 mods. Our Advanced Modpack Support Team (AMST) will begin the setup as soon as the Create-A-Modpack Form is sent in via a ticket. However, depending on how busy the department is, it can take anywhere from 24 - 48 hours for your modpack setup to complete.

With this addon it can be installed on any "Minecraft PC" server plan Grass and above. However, with more mods, the server will require more RAM to ensure a smooth experience. For this reason, we have compiled a list of different tiers for various Create-A-Modpack sizes and the minimum amount of recommended RAM for that tier.

A Create-A-Modpack package can include the following:

  • Installation of mods of the clients choosing (up to 150 mods)

  • ID conflict fixing

  • Installation of MCPC+ / Cauldron (if requested)

  • Config Editing / Recipe Editing (if supported by the mod) (Excluding the HQM quests mod.)

  • Instructions on how to install the client side mods to your computer.

    • See KB article or this video (Coming Soon!)

The client will receive a download for the pack they wish to use. The download is good for 10 days. After which it is the responsibility of the client to give their players their Minecraft client pack download and keep a copy of the completed server download pack. MCProHosting will not keep any data for the modpack after 10 days.  

MCProHosting is not responsible for any public releases of any modpacks it creates. If a client wishes to make a modpack that they have paid for public then it is up to the client to get permission to distribute the mods from each of the mod authors. After installation the client is given a list of the mods that have been installed.

Warranty Information

Create-A-Modpack come with a 6 day warranty period that starts from the time the Modpack Setup is complete. If a client has any issues (bugs) within that 6 day period, the client must reply to their original Modpack Setup ticket so that MCProHosting can resolve any issues. The Create-A-Modpack Warranty is void should the modpack be deleted from the server.

The Create-A-Modpack has 1 day (of the 6 day warranty) to make any changes to the Modpack. You can only make a change in the form of adding or removing a mod ONCE. This means that after 24 hours of a completed setup, we can no longer add or remove mods from the modpack.

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