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MCProHosting Affiliates Program

Through the MCProHosting Affiliates Program you can earn money to help you with your server costs just by having your friends sign up with your special link.

Sound good? Great! Here's how you can set up your account!

1. Go to your Billing Area account and login using your email.

2. Click on the "Affiliates" link on the left side menu of your Billing Area.

3. Click on "Activate Affiliates Account".

4. Copy your customized URL and give it to your friends!

Once your friends sign up and pay for a server using your special URL, you will receive 50% of the cost of the purchased services in your Affiliates Account. For example, a friend purchases a $10.00 server using your Affiliates Link. You will receive $5.00 of that in your Affiliates Account. 

Once you get up to $15 in your Affiliates Account you must submit a ticket to our billing department to get your Affiliate balance applied to your account as credit.

Please note, that we cannot give you cash payments or PayPal payments for your affiliates balance. You can only receive your Affiliates balance as credit to your MCProHosting account.

Due to regulations, if you activate an affiliate account and share your affiliate link you must ensure that you have a clear and conspicuous disclosure of your relationship with MCProHosting. For more information on how to comply with these new regulations, please visit the link here.

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