Ready Made Maps

With the release of our new website, MCProHosting has made available to its clients a variety of different spawns for clients to use. These maps can be installed by following our knowledgebase article here or on your Multicraft panel. 

Rosebury Cottage - A beautiful cottage nestled in a field of pretty flowers!

Plunderers Port Shipwreck - A shipwreck cove for you and your band of pirates!

False Gulch Wild West - Strap on your suspenders and grab your horse and go exploring!

Saint Gabriel's Rainforest - 
A bungalow nestled in the rainforest!

Marina World Theme Park - Stay cool with your friends while having fun in the sun!

Topys Vale
- Perfect for a multi-world map!


Fort Stoneguard
- Your fortress awaits! 

- A peaceful starting point for any server!

Plum Springs
- An Asian-inspired oasis. 

Pirate Isle
- Keep your treasures safe from those theiving zombies and skeletons of the isle!

- The perfect starting place for your community farm!

Hearthwood Lodge
- This winter-esque lodge has a very Christmas feel to it and will make it feel like its always Christmas on your server.

- This Nether-inspired map will certainly give your server some spice! Maybe it could be the dungeon for your prison server.

- This floating isle is the ultimate spawn for any skyblock server!

Archeologist's Dig - Explore the unknown!

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