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Bukkit Color Codes

Many plugins available for Bukkit have the ability to use special codes to add color and format text. Generally, these are referred to as "Color Codes". 

There are several places you can use Minecraft Bukkit Color Codes:

• Group prefixes, and suffixes

• Chat formatting

• Server MOTD

• Server Welcome Message

• Plugins such as AutoMessage

• Directly in game chat

• and many more

Each Color Code is slightly unique. It starts with the "&" symbol, and is followed by either a letter or a number. Each letter or number has a different effect. 
Here is a list of each unique color code:

&0 - Black
&1 - Navy / Dark Blue
&2 - Dark Green
&3 - Teal
&4 - Dark Red
&5 - Purple
&6 - Orange / Gold
&7 - Gray
&8 - Dark Gray
&9 - Blue
&A - Lime Green
&B - Light Blue
&C - Light Red
&D - Pink
&E - Yellow
&F - White

There are also a few Format Codes that many Bukkit plugins support. Similar to how Color Codes work, each is represented by starting with the "&" symbol, and is followed by either a letter or a number. Each letter or number has a different effect. 

Here is a list of each unique format code: 

&M - Strike Through
&N - Underlined
&L - Bold
&K - Random
&0 - Italic

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