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How to Enable Factions Tags on your Server

How to Enable Factions Tags on your Server
Note: This guide is only compatible with Factions 2.0.0 and newer

1. Login to your Multicraft control panel, and select your Minecraft server.
2. Stop your Minecraft server. 
3. Select Files>FTP File Access, and login to your server's FTP via Multicraft or FileZilla. If you're not sure how to use FTP, refer to this guide
4. Once logged in to your server's FTP, navigate to /mstore/factions_mconf, and open instance.json. 
5. Modify ""chatSetFormat": false," to ""chatSetFormat": true,", and save the changes back to the server.
6. Restart your server.

You have now successfuly enabled Factions Tags on your Minecraft server. 

You can find more information about Factions here

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