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How to Install Plugins using your Multicraft Control Panel

How to install plugins using your Multicraft control panel.

1. Login to your Multicraft control panel, and select your server.
2. Stop your server.
3. On the left hand side of the control panel, select “Files”, then “BukGet Plugins”.
4. You may now search all plugins available on Bukkit.org by name, description, or status. In our example, we will type “Essentials” into the “Plugin Name” field, and press enter.
5. You will be presented with several options depending on your search. The Essentials we’re looking for is currently the 11th search result. Once you’ve found the plugin you’re looking for, click the plugin’s name.
6. You will now be presented some basic information about the plugin including the plugin’s name, version, developer, description, plugin page, and the installation status. To install the plugin, simply click the “Install” button.
7. The installation may take a few seconds depending on its size. Once the installation is complete, the page will refresh and display “Disable” and “Remove” buttons instead of the original “Install” button. You will use these buttons if you ever wish to uninstall the plugin.
8. Start your server. 
9. The plugin should now be installed and running on your server. 

Note: Some plugins such as Essentials Group Manager are not available on Bukkit.org, and must be downloaded from another source and then installed manually.

Plugin didn't install?
1. Ensure you have any dependencies (requirements) for the plugin installed. In example, SignShop requires Vault, and DisguiseCraft requires ProtocolLib. You can often find plugin dependencies on the plugin's Bukkit page. 
2. Ensure the right version of the plugin was installed. BukGet will always install the latest available version of the plugin. If your server is running an older version of Minecraft (common with modpacks), it's possible for the wrong version to be installed. If this happens, you will need to install the plugin manually. If your server is running the latest version of Minecraft, this problem is uncommon. 

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