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How to Upgrade Your Minecraft Server

Upgrading your server is very easy. To begin, just log on to your Billing Area here and follow these steps:

1. Select the service you would like to upgrade, and click the  button. 
2. Near the top of the page, expand the "Management Action" tab, and click "Upgrade/Downgrade"
 You will now see all of the plans you can upgrade or downgrade your server to. When you've selected one, click the associated  button. Now, you will be brought to the order overview page. Once you're ready to pay, select a payment option and click the  button. 

 You will now be redirected to pay via the selected gateway. Once the payment is complete, your server will be upgraded to the selected plan automatically. To take advantage of the upgrade, make sure to restart your server after you have paid for the upgrade.
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