How to Purchase Additional Ram on Minecraft Servers

RAM is an important server resource for a Minecraft server. RAM determines how many worlds, plugins, mods, and/or players can be on your server. 

To purchase additional RAM on a server:

1. Login to your client account here.

2. On your client account, to the left click "Services" and then "My Services".

3. Locate the Active service you wish to purchase additional RAM for. Click on that service.

4. Now, to the right under "Actions", click "Upgrade/Downgrade Options".

5. On this page, locate the "Additional RAM" option.
In the box to the right of this setting, you can put how much additional RAM you would like to purchase.

6. Once done, press "Click to Continue >>"

7. You will be brought to another page where you can confirm the order and payment method.

8. After confirming the order and payment method, press "Click to Continue >>".
Your invoice for this upgrade will be automatically paid using the payment method you select.

9. You will be brought to an "Order Confirmation" page, confirming that the order has been placed.

You can purchase additional RAM at $4.99 USD per 1GB of RAM per month.
You can also purchase additional RAM by upgrading your plan here.

Experiencing issues upgrading/purchasing additional RAM? You can submit a ticket to our Billing team and they can assist you with upgrading or making an additional RAM purchase!

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