Changing Your Minecraft Server Type

Changing your server's server type allows you to fully customize your server, whether you're looking to run Vanilla Minecraft, snapshots, a Spigot server with plugins, a BungeeCord network with BungeeCord, or even any one of the hundreds of modpacks out there!

Before proceeding, we recommend taking a backup beforehand. To do this, enter your server's FTP File Access, select all of your server files, and click Zip at the top of your FTP to zip up and back up all of your server files.

To change your server's server type:

1. Go on your server's control panel, stop your server, and on the left side click Server Type.

2. In the Server Type area, use the Search box to find your desired server type.
In this case, we will be searching Vanilla which is Vanilla Minecraft:

3. After searching for and locating the server type, use the Version dropdown to select the version you'd like to run for that server type. When you have located your required server type and version, click the INSTALL button in the right column.

4. Once the server type and version are selected, you'll be brought to a final page to confirm your selection and you'll also have the option to delete specific leftover files, continue with the installation as normal, or "delete everything?" which you can select to reset the server. If the delete everything? option is selected, this will remove all of your current server files including any zipped backups that may be in your directory.

Please note that you do not have to remove any leftover server files or start fresh in order to install a server type such as Vanilla, however, with some server types such as Forge, the server will automatically select folders such as mods, configs, and libraries to ensure that a smooth installation occurs.

5. When you're ready, click INSTALL SERVER TYPE to install that server type.

6. An installation progress bar will now appear and after a few moments that server type will install and you can now start your server to play on that server type!


You have now successfully changed your server type on your MCProHosting server!

Experiencing issues changing your server type? You can contact our Live Chat or submit a ticket for help!

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