Herobrine Plan - What is Unlimited?

Due to how the Java Virtual Machine behaves, all applications utilizing Java (such as Minecraft: Java Edition servers) must explicitly define how much memory they are allowed to use. For the Herobrine plan, "Unlimited" means that:

 The Herobrine plan will start at 8GB of RAM.

 As the server requires more RAM, you may request more memory in increments of 2GB.

- When your server requires more RAM, request this in a Live Chat or through ticket support and we will evaluate the server and make sure that 2GB of memory is needed and will help to boost performance.

- We will check for any performance related issues(for example, a plugin malfunctioning can cause a memory(RAM) leak on the server resulting in higher RAM usage) and if there are any issues, we will assist you with repairing those!


Have any questions or need assistance with a Herobrine plan? You can submit a ticket to our Billing team or contact our Live Chat team for assistance!

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