Server Management Addons

Introducing our new Server Management Packs! This guide will explain the differences between these addons, and exactly what you can do with each one.

These packs are designed for those who want the ultimate curated Minecraft hosting experience. Our dedicated team of professionals can assist with any aspects of your server hosting experience - absolutely no limits!

Premium Server Management

Our Premium Server Management addon is $7.99 per month and includes the following:

  • Create-A-Modpack Setup (up to 25 mods)

  • Plugin Setup

  • Premium Support

    • No limitations on support! Need a world uploaded? Some FTP heavy-lifting? Not a problem! Anything you need, we can make it happen.
      To use Premium Support, submit a ticket to our support team here. You can request help with anything from a custom map installation to having Votifier setup!

Ultimate Server Management

Our Ultimate Server Management addon is $9.99 per month and includes all features of the Premium Server Management addon, a larger Create-A-Modpack Setup (up to 50 mods)(*Redeemable once per month!), and also includes Unlimited Player Slots!

With Unlimited Player Slots, you are free to change the available player slots on your server to whatever you wish. Need 100 players? 1000? Not a problem!

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